This is my attempt to answer all of the questions everyone always asks when it comes to new users of ventrilo software. 

Port: 8305
Password: ask an officer ;)
^All lower case (it matters)

1) plug in your headset (both microphone and speakers). 
2) download and install the Ventrilo Client Software
3) run ventrilo 
4) click the far arrow to the right of User Name 
click NEW 
type in your IN-GAME name and hit OK, then OK again. 
5) click the far arrow to the right of Server 
click NEW 
Name it Mormegil Legacy, click OK 
for Hostname or IP type in the following: 
for Port number type in the following: 3791 
for Password type in the following: lotro 
click all the boxes below, and click OK 
6) click the CONNECT button in the main ventrilo window (If you connected successfully, you've done everything above correctly) 
7) click SETUP 
in the "Voice" tab at the top, make sure the following are checked: 
- Enable outgoing voice communications 
- Use Push To Talk Hotkey 
- Use Direct Input to detect Hotkey 
- Play Key Clicks. 
where it says HOTKEY: click in this box, and hit whatever key you want to use (You will hold this key down while you talk, and let go when you are finished talking - please USE a hotkey, nobody likes hearing people sneeze, eat, fart, and background TV noises and such) 
CHECK the "Use Direct Sound" boxes near Output Device and Input Device. 
(This will allow you to change individual person's voice volumes later on) 
Select your Output device (Default DirectSound Device usually works) 
Select your Input Device (Default DirectSound Device usually works) 
Click OK and try talking in one of the channels to someone, if you cannot hear them, go back into Setup, click the Playback (output) button and see what you can do. If they cannot hear you, first check to see if your microphone has a MUTE switch on the cord like some do, then go into Setup and click the "Recording (Input)" button and see what you can do. 

You should be setup and ready to go.


How do I make my voice louder?
Click SETUP, Turn your Outbound up a little (shouldn't be higher than 6)

How do I make other people's voices louder?
Click SETUP, Turn your Inbound up a little (shouldn't be higher than 6)

This one guy is so much louder than everyone else, how do I turn only his voice down? (or other people's voices up)?
Click SETUP, make sure your "Use Direct Sound" box for Output device is checked. 
Click OK. 
Right Click the person's name you want to alter, go to Miscellaneous, click Special Effects. 
On the right you will see Frequency, Volume, Pan, etc.. click VOLUME and click the ADD button to move it to the left box. 
Move the slider to a comfortable position, and click OK. 
Click OK to save it.

Why even use this, when we have the Lotro in-game voicechat??
Because the sound quality is much better, it creates less lag in-game than the in-game voicechat does (as it is hosted on a much better dedicated server than the free GameSpy hosted chat does, we can all communicate with each other at all times (do not need to be in the same fellowship etc, like in-game), and it is available 24/7 and does not go down for maintenance like LOTRO does... (There are more reasons but I dont think i need to list more do I?)

(Any other questions? Feel free to ask an officer)