Kin Charter

Last updated: November 12th 2009

The Mormegil Legacy kinship was founded Wednesday, the 11th of November 2009. The following officers where present at it's founding: Berendil, Ryndil, Theydrid and Kaele. The kinships main focus will be end game, group level activities. Role playing, crafting and lore will be secondary activities.


The role of kin leader will remain an entirely symbolic role. In all areas the kin leader will essentially hold the same rights and responsibilities as a normal officer. They will however be able to demote/promote officers after discussing the aforementioned changes with the current kinship officers.


Kinship officers will at all times have authority over the kinship. Officers may promote/demote, invite and expel characters as they see fit. They will have full access to the kinship message of the day, kinship chat as well as officers chat. An officer will at all times be held responsible for any actions taken. If such an action is deemed irresponsible or reckless the officer will be demoted to kinsmen depending on the severity of the situation. In extreme cases the officer will be expelled from the kinship. All cases will be judged by the current kinship officers.

Multiple Kinships

Players may join any number of kinships they so choose. They can also be any rank they wish while in these alternative kinships. However normal rules will still apply to these players.

Reward systems

Raiding/instance reward systems are encouraged and may be used by the leader of the specified raid/instance. Regardless of the reward system that has been chosen players are asked to exercise patience with the leader and the group itself. Complaints may be forwarded to any kinship officer that is available. The officer may begin an inquiry at his/her leisure. The aforementioned inquiry may result in disciplinary measures against accused and/or accuser. Keep in mind that unfair leadership and bogus accusations will not be tolerated.

Kinship chat

The kinship chat is an unrestricted forum by which members may express themselves freely. It is suggested however that members do not use kinship chat for role playing purposes. Other than that please refer to theĀ EULA for more information, specifically theĀ code of conduct section.