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re: Kinship F.A.Q.


Q: Do I have to be a certain level to join the kinship?

A: Yes, currently new players must be level 30 or higher before they can be invited into the kinship. We have not put this level limit in place to punish new players, however with the release of F2P we would like to ensure that all players have a certain investment in the game and are not simply trying it out for a few days.

Q: How long does it take to become a kinsmen?

A: Becoming a member of the kin may take a few days, if your interested please contact an officer, or preferably fill out an application on our website. Once your accepted into the kinship you will remain a "recruit" for approximately 14 days. This is simply to avoid problems we have had in the past and to verify that the kinship is a good fit for you and vice versa. If your status still has not changed after 14 days please contact an officer.

Q: Do you use ventrilo or teamspeak?

A: Yes we have a ventrilo server, obviously that information will be made available only to accepted members. Using the ventrilo server is completely optional, however all kinsmen must be able to listen with ventrilo as it's used often for raids and instances.

Q: Do you have a kinhouse?

A: Yes, we are a rank 10 kinship and so we have every privilege that is currently available for kinships including: kinhouse, kinmail, kin auctions, officer chat, increased membership.

Q: I have a really nice trophy, can I put it in the kinhouse?

A: Unfortunately due to past experiences as well as a very primitive permissions system recruits, kinsmen and even officers are not allowed to decorate the kinhouse. In the case of extremely rare trophies special temporary permissions may be afforded by the kinship leader.

Q: Can I use the chests in the kinhouse?

A: Yes, at the current time all chests in the kinhouse are completely open to all kinsmen and recruits. We ask only that you use common sense while using the kin storage: Do not take items to sell on the auction house unless you are given permission to do so, do not take items that you cannot use and keep in mind the chests are open to all members of the kinship, it is not personal storage so please do not deposit items you'll miss.

Q: I can't sign up for the events on the calendar!

A: In order to signup for events you must be a member of the kin. It is also important to remember that creating a guildlaunch account does not automatically mean you have access to the kinship website. If you have full access to the website you should see a ventrilo widget on the left side, a shout box underneath the mini calendar and you should have access to more than 4 forums. If this is not the case then please fill out an application by clicking the "Apply to Kinship" button or contact an officer to verify the status of your application. If you do have all the required permissions it is also possible that you will have to claim your characters from the kinship roster. Please refer to the links section below for a complete guide to the calendar.

Q: Are there any participation limits associated with the kinship?

A: Real life always comes first and availability and play hours differ from one person to another. Currently there is no minimum activity level associated with membership, of course we do urge players to participate in kin events, and use the calendar as much as possible. Having said that the kin leadership reserves the right to treat excessive inactivity on a case by case basis. For example a level 30 hunter that has not logged in in 360 days has most likely moved on and may eventually be expelled from the kinship. Officers that have been inactive for an excessive amount of time may also be demoted. To avoid problems players should leave a note on alts, describing their main character and inform an officer if they plan on leaving the game for a long period of time.

Q: What time zone are most of your players in?

A: At the current time most of our players are split between eastern and central time, however we do have some players in pacific time zones. All events on the calendar are in EST.

Q: How do I become an officer?

A: Officers are basically the administrators of the kinship, they deal with recruiting, organizing and site management. The first step towards being an officer is to complete the 14 day trial period. Once you have been promoted to kinsmen you will then have to contact the kin leader. Candidate officers must have some idea of what function they will be performing: either organizing and leading events, recruiting or preferably both. If the candidate is accepted by the kin leader they will go through a trial period of 10 days. During this time they must perform the duties discussed with the kin leader even though they are not officially an officer. If by the end of this trial period the candidate has changed their mind or has been unable to actively participate in the management aspects of the kinship their application will be denied and they will continue on as a regular kinsmen. If the candidate cleary shows that they are able and willing to help organize and manage the kinship they will be promoted and awarded special privileges on the website. The kin leader will also discuss some of the limitations involved with being an officer.

Q: I would like to schedule an event on the calendar.

A: Currently all kinsmen can signup for events on the calendar, however due to the nature of guildlaunch permissions they cannot create events. Therefore if you would like to organize an event please contact an officer.

Q: The "Currently Recruiting" widget on your website says Guardians are low priority, does that mean they can't join the kin?

A: No, players of all classes who meet the level requirement are free to join the kinship. The "Currently Recruiting" widget is more like a general view of the current end game makeup of the kinship. For example if guardians are set to low priority it is because we don't usually lack tanks when organizing runs.

Q: How often do you raid?

A: Raids meaning 12+ man instances are usually organized 2 to 3 times a week, depending on the availability of players and of course participation. Most 3 man and 6 man instances are organized spontaneously and are not often posted on the calendar.

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